Clubs are more than welcome at the diner… with prior booking of course!!

United Cruisers meet at Nelson’s Diner every 3rd Saturday of every month
Visitors so far:

  • RFOC Club
  • Harley Davidson Club
  • BMW Bike Club
  • Pontiac Club
  • Corvette Club
  • Mustang Club
  • Surrey Chapter UK – an independent Harley-Davidson riding club
  • PT Cruisers ( They have even booked for their own themed night for Halloween!!)

Call now for more details… 01635 298193

Chelsea & Fulham HOG to Nelsons Diner – “Thanks for hosting this weekend’s ride-out from Warr’s to Nelsons Diner the event seemed to be an unqualified success!

Comments from Drac RFOC Club – “thanks for today, although I was one of the first 4 to arrive, eventually we managed to get everyone there and the way the staff handled the ordering and billing was commendable. This was the largest get together the RFOC (RF is the model of the bike) and we only formed in August 2008 but now have almost 300 members world wide.